ALIED Chronic Pain Acupuncture Course

Acupuncture Course Development

As with most ALIED courses, the content of this course will be developed to meet the needs of the students. The Tutor will discuss with the course organiser what she/he requires to be covered. Then, at the course itself, the content will be adapted to the needs and abilities of the students.

Typical Acupuncture Course Content

Day One - Chronic pain management with Acupuncture

The first day is tailored to the treatment of Chronic Pain and Complex Pain using a clinical reasoning approach to the complexities of pain presentations. The course will emphasise the need to understand pain, to enable patients to understand the mechanisms taking place and to choose Acupuncture when and only if, appropriate to the pain intervention presenting.

students will be required to read the pre course information supplied on clinical reasoning in Western Acupuncture and further references involving chronic pain will be provided throughout the course. The day will cover the following pain pathologies:

Learning Objectives

Learning Outcomes

Following the course students will have:

Day Two - Clinical Reasoning

A one-day clinical reasoning approach to the management of Myofascial pain both in the acute and chronic stages, using trigger point deactivation and manual stretch will be presented. This course will concentrate on the Western approach to Acupuncture of Myofascial pain.

Learning Objectives



Learning Outcomes

Participants will achieve:

Indicative Content

Acupuncture Course Dates & Venues

For dates and venues for this course, please see the Course Programme on the menu above, or contact ALIED if you would like to host a course of this type.

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Acupuncture in Physiotherapy

The Government's recent decision not to introduce statutory regulation [SR] of Acupuncture has a significant effect on Physiotherapists who wish to use Acupuncture within their clinical practice.

It has also caused tutors at ALIED, along with many other experienced Physiotherapist Acupuncture Tutors, to reappraise our affiliations.

Clinical Support

All students who have attended ALIED training courses may request clinical support from ALIED if they are having problems with a patient or with their clinical use of Acupuncture.

Simply E-Mail your query to ALIED and we will do our best to give you prompt, evidence-based advice on the problem you are experiencing.

Have a Course at Your Location

Have you thought about an Acupuncture course at your location?

You can either run the course yourself, or ALIED will organise the whole thing.

Full details of the arrangements are available on the website.