Frequently asked Questions [FAQ]

What Insurance do I require? If you are an HCPC registered Physiotherapist, please see our Insurance Guidelines page. Other Health Professionals are advised to consult their appropriate professional body to determine whether additional cover is required.
How much CPD should I do? If you are an HCPC registered Clinician, please see our CPD Guidelines page. Other Health Professionals are advised to consult their appropriate professional body.
What is an Accredited Course? Recognised Universities, such as the University of Hertfordshire in ALIED's case, have degree awarding powers that are established through an Act of Parliament. These Universities accordingly can accredit Training Courses. Further details are available at the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and at The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) websites.
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Regulation of Acupuncture

After some study, the Government has decided not to introduce Statutory Regulation [SR] of Acupuncture. Students may be interested to read about the Government decision on SR.

The CSP has provided a statement on Acupuncture Training & Membership of Professional Networks for Physiotherapists

Clinical Support

All students who have attended ALIED training courses may request clinical support from ALIED if they are having problems with a patient or with their clinical use of Acupuncture.

Simply E-Mail your query to ALIED and we will do our best to give you prompt, evidence-based advice on the problem you are experiencing.

Refresher Course

Have you been practising Acupuncture for a number of years since your Foundation Course?

Would you like to update your skills, learn about the latest research and refresh your clinical reasoning?

Contact ALIED about our 24-hour Top-Up Course.