Acupuncture Foundation Course M-Level

Integrating the art and science of acupuncture into clinical practice.

Course Content

This course aims to provide healthcare professionals working within a musculoskeletal setting (MSK), the skills to deliver safe and effective acupuncture treatments using a clinical reasoning approach, for the management of musculoskeletal pain conditions.  It will facilitate knowledge of Western evidence-based approach (WA) within a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy, allowing integration of skills for the management of pain and dysfunction. The course will provide participants with the skills relating to theory and application of acupuncture in musculoskeletal dysfunction to enhance pain management and augment existing rehabilitation techniques.     .

The course is M-Level, accredited to the University of Hertfordshire [UH]

Students have the option to apply for 15 credits at MSc level for an additional fee. The credits are valid for up to 6 years and can normally be used towards Masters level degree at UH and may be transferred to other MSc programmes (subject to approval, please contact the relevant institution).

It is based on the ALIED principles:-

  • The evidence-based application of Acupuncture

  • The use of Clinical Reasoning to determine appropriate treatment

  • The integration of Acupuncture into clinical practice


Important information:

As an approved Course, the content of the course is designed in conjunction with UH to achieve specified learning outcomes.

The course is open to Physiotherapists and other Health Professionals, including GPs, Occupational Therapists and Osteopaths, who wish to use Acupuncture within the scope of practice of their registered profession.

The course is not suitable for practitioners whose use of Acupuncture would be outside the scope of practice of their registered profession.

All students attending this course must have professional liability insurance covering their use of Acupuncture within the scope of practice of their profession.

The course requires ALL participants to receive and administer needling and participants should not attend the course if there are any reasons that prevent full participation.

The course is NOT suitable for students who are or may be pregnant.

A Health Screening form will be sent to those applying to attend the course. This form must be completed and forwarded to the tutor at least 10 working days before the start of the course. The form will be kept confidential by the tutor who is registered with the Information Commisioners Office (ICO).

The course contains 5 days tuition in two or three parts, with practice and self directed study work between the course parts and after the final part. The self-directed study work is an integral part of the course and must be completed to a satisfactory standard to complete the course and obtain a 'PASS' certificate.